Ghost Hunts

Gresley Old Hall Derbyshire

  • Swadlincote

  • 7.30pm - 12am

  • £15.00

  • 3rd May 2019

Ghost Hunt

Gresley Old Hall Derbyshire

Friday 3rd May 2019

Join Haunted Discoveries for a Ghost Hunt and Paranormal Investigation at Gresley Old Hall, Swadlincote in Derbyshire. This location is a favourite amongst Ghost Hunters and Investigators be it seasoned or new comers.

Gresley Old Hall History

Gresley Old Hall is a Grade II listed building built in the grounds of the old Priory in 1556 using materials from the demolished Gresley Priory, which dated back to the 1100's. It is one of the oldest buildings in South Derbyshire. The Hall we see today was erected in stages, with the last addition in 1734.
It has had many uses over the years and has housed many families.  Areas of the building have fallen into disrepair and have not been touched since the 19th Century, giving visitors a unique look into the past. Victorian graffiti is still visible in the topmost attic spaces.

Paranormal Activity

There are many paranormal reports of activity at Gresley Old Hall. Figures of the grey lady in the window where she is said to of met her death from a fire. Also screams and banging is heard on many occasions. The sound of footsteps and shadows are also a popular occurrence 

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