Ghost Hunts

Middleton Hall Tamworth

  • Staffordshire

  • 9pm - 2am

  • £37.99

  • 2nd August 2019

Ghost Hunt

Middleton Hall Tamworth

Friday 2nd August 2019

Join Haunted Discoveries for a Ghost Hunt and Paranormal Investigation at Middleton Hall in Tamworth Staffordshire. This fantastic building not only offers over 1000 years of History but many stories of activity and reported paranormal phenomena.

Middleton Hall Tamworth History

With history spanning over 1,000 years so this means that we have a lot of stories to tell. Over the centuries the Hall has grown and changed as have the people that have called this place home. During the time  the commander of the Norman cavalry at the Battle of Hastings; a Medieval Lord who escaped a prison sentence; a Tudor explorer who died whilst trying to find a North-East passage to China; our two famous seventeenth-century naturalists; A Duchess renowned for her love of music  The buildings themselves tell their own fascinating story, of construction styles from the Medieval through to the Georgian period and therefore changes in the methods and materials used. 

Paranormal Activity

There are many paranormal reports of activity at Middleton Hall. Shadows, Footsteps, Sounds of Dragging and Banging along with apparitions.

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