Ghost Hunts

St John's House Warwick

  • Warwickshire

  • 9pm - 2am

  • £29.99

  • 27th April 2019

Ghost Hunt

St John's House Warwick

Saturday 27th April 2019

Join Haunted Discoveries for a Ghost Hunt and Paranormal Investigation at the incredible Jacobean Mansion which now is St Johns House Museum. There is a'lot of history and many displays also a floor which is belonging to The Royal Warwickshire Regiment of Fusiliers Museum which houses artefacts from the world war. All coming together adding to the night for when we go LIGHTS OUT.

St John’s Museum Warwick History

The first recorded building on the site of the current Mansion was a hospital which was founded in the 12th Century and dedicated to St John the Baptist. The building was altered in 1626 and transformed to the building that stands today.  Purchased by the Greville family ( connected with Warwick Castle) in 1788, the mansion remained in the family until 1960. During the Greville family ownership, the family residence was turned into a private school in 1815.

Paranormal Activity

There are may reports of activity at St John's House, Footsteps, shuffling and dragging sounds along with shadows and also reports of poltergeist activity moving objects.

The Night

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