Falstaffs Experience – Tudor World – Stratford April 7th 2018

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Join Haunted Discoveries UK as we investigate the Falstaff’s Experience in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire on Saturday 7th April 2018.

This location is reputedly one of the most haunted buildings in England and is famous for its terrifying paranormal reports, definately not an investigation for the faint of heart.


Start Times:  9pm until 2am
Food & Catering:  Hot drinks are supplied where possible. Food/Snacks will be only occasionally where permitted.
Toilets:  There are toilets onsite
Alcohol Allowance:  Strictly NO
Priced at just £35pp

We at Haunted Discoveries UK like to employ both traditional and scientific methods of paranormal investigation. As a guest we will invite you to take part in active experiments including group and lone vigils, table tipping, and pendulums. You will also get the chance to investigate using some of our equipment, which include: spirit boxes, temperature guns, rem pods, dowsing rods, Alice software, spirit boards and mel meters ect.

Please Note – All bookings are bound by our Terms and Conditions. You will be required to stay awake on this event. NO Sleeping areas available.


In 1196 40 Sheep Street, otherwise known as the Falstaff Experience, was part of the land owned by the Bishop on Worcester, who divided the area into 29 plots. It contained a private house at the front and a building at the back, which is now home to the museum. For 500 years it was known as the Shreive’s  House because of its first recorded tenant, William Shrieve, who was an archer in Henry VIIIs army.

For such a small building it has witnessed a great deal of the country’s history and has been home to several of Stratford Mayors. Its walls have witnessed religious persecution, the plague, the English Civil War when troops were billeted there as well as it being used as a military hospital, and in 1595 much of the building was burnt down in a fire leaving only the front facade.

In the late 16th Century the building was known as the Three Tunns Tavern, owned by the uncle of William Walker, Shakespeare’s Godson. It is believed that William Shakespeare was a frequent visitor to the Three Tunns Tavern.

Reported Activity

The Falstaff’s Experience started to run its own ghost tours because of the sheer amount of activity experienced by its staff and visitors. Some of its more active spirits are believed to be: a serial killer from the 18th Century, a young girl who was a pickpocket in the tavern and a Catholic gentleman who was a victim of the religious persecution. There are also reported sightings of parliamentary soldiers, children and animals.

Disembodied voices and whispers are heard along with heavy footsteps. Strange metallic and dragging sounds are heard, feelings of being watched and followed all around the building and feelings of being touched are all common occurrences.


  • Ghost Hunt
  • Refreshments where available
  • Full use of equipment
  • Free Time
  • No sleeping arrangments
  • No Alcohol or Drugs (You will be vacated)
  • No disruptons