Ghost Hunt at Beaumanor Hall Loughborough Friday 30th November 2018

Beaumanor Dr, Woodhouse, Loughborough LE12 8TX, UK (0)
from/per person £37.99
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Join Haunted Discoveries UK as we carry out a ghost hunt and investigate the stunning Victorian country house Beaumanor Hall in Loughborough, Leicestershire on Friday 30th November 2018.


Start Times:  9:00pm until 2:00am
Food & Catering:  Hot drinks are supplied where possible. Food/Snacks will be only occasionally where permitted.
Toilets:  There are toilets onsite
Alcohol Allowance:  Strictly NO
Priced at just £37.99pp

We at Haunted Discoveries UK like to employ both traditional and scientific methods of paranormal investigation. As a guest we will invite you to take part in active experiments including group and lone vigils,table tipping, pendulums. You will also get the chance to investigate using some of our equipment, which include: spirit boxes, temperature guns, rem pods, dowsing rods, Alice software, spirit boards and Mel meters etc.

Please Note – All bookings are bound by our Terms and Conditions. You will be required to stay awake on this event. NO Sleeping areas available.


Beaumanor Hall is a Grade II listed stately home and park. The land it sits on was originally owned by Hugh d’Avranches, the 1st Earl of Chester, following the Norman Conquest. The ownership of the land was passed to the Despenser family in the 13th Century, who created a deer park and built a hunting lodge. The land was passed to Henry de Beaumont in 1327 who then built Beau Manor in 1330. It was replaced in 1595 for Sir William Herrick, a government official under Elizabeth I and replaced again for a smaller house in 1726. In 1842 it was again demolished and the house we see today was built over a seven year period in the Jacobean style.

In 1939 the War Office requisitioned the estate and Beaumanor Park became a secret listening station where encrypted enemy signals were intercepted and sent to Station X at Bletchley Park for decoding. It was the home of the Home Office ‘Y’ Group for the duration of the war. Following the war in 1945 it was passed back to the Herrick family and sold to the War Office in 1946. From 1939 the Hall was occupied by Number 6 Intelligence School, with the rooms inside being used to train civilian staffs and various sects of the British military. The cellars underneath were used as electricians’ workshops and the outbuildings as other workshops.

In the mid-1970s Beaumanor Hall was bought by Leicestershire City Council and today is used as a Conference and Education Centre.

Reported Activity

With its rich and secretive history it should come as no surprise that there have been many reports of activity within the hall and grounds. A lady dressed in the style of the Victorian era has been seen walking the grounds and a male apparition has been seen in the cellars. A menacing tall man with a long coat and triangular hat has been seen storming around the attic, sometimes towards people. Strange sounds, bangs, footsteps and doors opening and closing are a very frequent phenomena. Light anomalies are also seen.