Ghost Hunt Cromer Theatre Norfolk Saturday 10th November 2018

Cromer NR27 9HE, UK (0)
from/per person £25.00
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Join Haunted Discoveries UK as we investigate the much loved Pavilion Theatre located on the iconic Cromer Pier on Saturday the 10th of November 2018.


With its rich history it should come as no surprise that there have been many reports of activity within the Pavilion Theatre.  The most well known haunting at the theatre is of an Irish Impresario named Dick Condon; so strong is his presence that many performers claim to have witnessed him appear on stage next to them during their show.
The apparition of a gentleman in a tall black hat with jet black hair has been witnessed by staff and guests alike within the walls of the Pavilion as well as numerous accounts of Poltergeist activity involving the smashing of items in the bar area and items moving on their own.

With the location of the pier extending into the North sea many people have witnessed appartions in medieval clothing walking along the deck or out of the waves and onto the beach, some believe these to be the spirits of the residents of Shipden, a town which has now been lost to the sea.
There are locals who say that prior to a severe storm you can still hear the church bells of Shipden ringing on the wind as a warning of bad weather.

With tales of screams being heard from the waves of the North Sea and stories of locals witnessing former lifeboat men walking the planks of the pier and into the Theatre; this will be a ghost-hunt to remember.

Whats Included

  • Ghost Hunt
  • Refreshments where available
  • Full use of equipment
  • Free Time
  • No sleeping arrangements
  • No Alcohol or Drugs (You will be vacated)
  • No disruptions


Start Times:  9:00pm until 2:00am
Food & Catering:  Hot drinks are supplied where possible. Food/Snacks will be only occasionally where permitted.
Toilets:  There are toilets onsite
Alcohol Allowance:  Strictly NO
Priced at just £25.00 PP

We at Haunted Discoveries UK like to employ both traditional and scientific methods of paranormal investigation. As a guest we will invite you to take part in active experiments including group and lone vigils,table tipping, pendulums. You will also get the chance to investigate using some of our equipment, which include: spirit boxes,  dowsing rods, Alice software, spirit boards and Mel meters etc.

You will be required to stay awake on this event. NO Sleeping areas available.


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